Gurkha Fine Foods raise £4000 at Trailwalker 2011

Gurkha Fine Foods raise £4000 at Trailwalker 2011

Gurkha Fine Foods sponsored 2 teams to enter this year’s annual Trailwalker event, a gruelling 100km race over the South Downs. The teams performed brilliantly in the event, despite torrential rain, and raised a massive £4000 for the Gurkha Welfare Trust and Oxfam.

Trailwalker is organised by Queen’s Gurkha Signals and Oxfam. As Gurkha Fine Foods was born in the heart of Queen’s Gurkha Signals, the event has a particularly strong resonance for the company. As such it always donates stock to the event – all proceeds from sales of stock go directly to the GWT. And this year, the company went further and supported the event by sponsoring two teams.

Owners of Gurkha Fine Foods, Chris and Emma Ford, both went along to the event to cheer on their teams and show their support to the Queen’s Gurkha Signals.

“The event has, as always, been fantastic. We are so proud to have been able to support the Gurkhas and the Gurkha Welfare Trust in their efforts,” said Chris Ford. “The weather has been horrendous and both our teams have performed brilliantly!”

Trailwalker is always hotly contested amongst the Gurkha community. The Gurkha teams fight it out for first place running the entire 100km cross country course in a little over 10 hours!

Anyone who wants to enter the event next year should visit for further information.  Be prepared for some hard work but a thoroughly rewarding experience!

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